Association News

  • Summer Water Testing (2023)

    Water samples were taken in July and August and their results can be downloaded here: 7/17/23 Water Testing Results (opens in a pdf document) & 8/14/23 Water Testing Results (opens in a pdf document)

  • Updated Rental Guidelines

    Dear ALPOA Members:

    After the Town of Ashford PZC adopted Short-term Rental Regulations, the ALPOA Board of Directors formed a subcommittee to look into regulations for ALPOA rental properties located in the Town of Eastford, which has no zoning. After extensive research and discussion, the committee’s work has resulted in the following Rental Guidelines for Ashford Lake properties in both towns. These Rental Guidelines were developed from existing 2019 guidelines, community input solicited in the January 2023 newsletter and from comments at Board meetings from November through February.

    While the Rental Guidelines have been developed specifically for property owners offering their premises to tenants/guests on either a long or short-term basis in exchange for a fee, they are being made available to all property owners in the interest of promoting awareness and positive community relations. The Rental Guidelines have been posted on the website, along with a link to the Ashford PZC Regulations, and included in informational packets to new owners. 


    ALPOA Board of Directors