Upcoming Meeting

ALPOA Meeting
August 6, 2024
Time: 7PM
Place: 73 Lakeside Drive

Our meeting will be hosted at 73 Lakeside Drive. All homeowners are invited to attend. There is no scheduled meeting for July.


  • Summer Water Testing (2023)

    Water samples were taken in July and August and their results can be downloaded here: 7/17/23 Water Testing Results (opens in a pdf document) & 8/14/23 Water Testing Results (opens in a pdf document)
  • Updated Rental Guidelines

    Dear ALPOA Members: After the Town of Ashford PZC adopted Short-term Rental Regulations, the ALPOA Board of Directors formed a subcommittee to look into regulations for ALPOA rental properties located in the Town of Eastford, which has no zoning. After extensive research and discussion, the committee’s work has resulted in the following Rental Guidelines for Ashford Lake properties in both towns. These Rental Guidelines were developed from existing 2019 guidelines, community input solicited in...

ALPOA Notices

  • Community Watch & Safety (Association Notice)

    While our community is generally quiet, peaceful and safe, we are occasionally affected by criminal acts. Residents are reminded to remain vigilant and to report vandalism, trespassing or any activity that appears suspicious to: Connecticut State Police, Troop C at 800.318.7633 or 860.896.3200.

  • Beach Passes (Association Notice)

    Don't forget to display your  Beach Parking Pass when you use East and Sunset Beaches!

  • Watch for Canada Geese!

    Observe pairs closely. Use any non-lethal method available to harass geese in order to discourage them from nesting here. Please report any suspected or confirmed nesting sites to the Board of Directors immediately. Email board@alpoa.org or call 860-208-4027.

  • Please leash and clean up after your pet!

    Pet waste can be a health risk and a source of pollution to our lake. The nutrients in pet waste, notably nitrogen, and phosphorus, make their way to ponds, lakes, and streams. This can encourage weed or algae growth in the waterways, which may eventually lead to lower oxygen levels. Insufficient oxygen can harm fish and other organisms that live in the water.

  • What's Happening

    What's Happening

    The Boat Parade will be July 4th at 6:00. Meet in the middle of the lake. The rain date is July 5th. Decorate boat, float, kayak or cheer from the shore.
    Join the fun
  • ALPOA History

    ALPOA History

    Dear Friends, In 1952 we opened to the public a private haven for "secluded summer living" called Ashford Lake, spring-fed lake water for swimming, ideal fishing, and boating.
    Step back in time
  • Help Preserve Our Lake

    Help Preserve Our Lake

    Ashford Lake is a 50-acre lake located in the quiet corner of Connecticut. Beautiful, clean, and enjoyed by fish, birds, and residents around the lake. Please do your part!
    What you can do