July 4th Boat Parade! Meet in the middle of the lake at 6pm!

Happy Summer, Neighbors

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Seasonal Notes

Here are some reminders of how property owners can contribute to our mutual enjoyment of Ashford Lake while protecting and preserving the environment during the spring and summer months:

  • Respect the fact that use of the lake and the beaches is reserved for ALPOA residents and accompanied guests. Being a property owner does not entitle one to issue blanket invitations to friends or acquaintances to use Ashford Lake.

  • Inform tenants and guests that they must abide by the same rules and regulations that apply to ALPOA residents.

  • Report any suspicious activity to the Connecticut State Police Troop C. (800) 318-7633 or (860) 896-3200. The State Police cannot enforce traffic laws on private roads, but non-residents using ALPOA roads unsafely can be cited for trespass. Same applies to unauthorized beach use by non-residents.

  • Drive safely and adhere to the 15 MPH SPEED LIMIT. Our community includes many families with young children.

  • Dogs should be leashed and under the owner’s control on all roads and common areas. Be considerate and pick up after your pet! Please see ALPOA Dog Regulations in the Community Watch & Safety section under the Property Owners menu.

  • Report any Canada goose nesting sites to the Board of Directors immediately. Do not feed ducks or geese. There are ample natural food sources, such as aquatic plants, seeds, grasses, fish and insects, to sustain waterfowl.

  • Be on guard for invasive aquatic plants, many of which are nearly impossible to eradicate and costly to control. Because invasive plants are usually carried on boats, trailers and motors, any watercraft that have been used on other freshwater lakes or ponds should be thoroughly washed and inspected before being used on Ashford Lake. Please see information on aquatic plants in the Ashford Lake Environment section under the Property Owners menu. Report anything suspicious to the Board of Directors.

  • Please attach ALPOA boat stickers to all your boats so that boats on the lake belonging to ALPOA members can be identified. Contact Denise Pillion for stickers.

  • Refrain from using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Runoff will inevitably wash these materials into the lake, promoting aquatic plant growth and potentially harming fish, wildlife or humans.

  • Use the summer months to inspect and maintain septic systems to ensure that pollutants do not enter the lake or contaminate well water.

  • Consult the Land Management information on this site if undertaking any regulated activities on your property. Please see Land Management in the Ashford lake Environment section under the Property Owners menu.

  • Leave a buffer area of native plants and grasses along your shoreline. This will serve as a natural filter, trapping nutrients from storm water runoff before they enter the lake. Preserving riparian (shoreline) and upland vegetation not only helps with storm water management but also provides habitat for desirable wildlife.

  • Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the season, the beautiful environment that surrounds us, and the recreational and social opportunities that our Ashford Lake community provides.