July 4th Boat Parade! Meet in the middle of the lake at 6pm!

A Message from the ALPOA Board of Directors

The ALPOA Board urges all Ashford Lake residents and visitors to adhere strictly to CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and hygiene in order to contain the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. All community events and Board meetings are cancelled. Board business will be conducted via email and messaging for the time being.

Please stay informed about the coronavirus by keeping abreast of all federal, state and local information sources. The CDC website is particularly helpful:


While we all cope with the myriad impacts of this pandemic on our lives, we are fortunate to live in a place where we can go outside and enjoy nature at a safe distance. With the arrival of spring and anticipation of summer at the lake, we are hopeful that things will soon return to normal.

Please stay well and connected to your family, friends and neighbors.

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Seasonal Notes

Some Seasonal Reminders for Protecting the Ashford Lake Environment

The actions we take on our properties directly affect our lake’s biological community, the quality of our water, the lake’s recreational viability and aesthetic appeal, and ultimately our property values. All property owners share a responsibility to protect our most precious resource, the lake. Here are some simple things property owners can do to protect and preserve the Ashford Lake environment as we approach the season when our impact on the environment is greatest:

  • Maintain septic systems to ensure that pollutants do not enter the lake or contaminate well water. A 1000 gallon tank serving a typical four-person household should be pumped every 2-3 years.

  • Refrain from using fertilizers and pesticides. These materials will inevitably wash into the lake, promoting aquatic plant growth and potentially causing cyanobacteria to develop, causing harm to people and pets.

  • Leave a buffer area of native plants and grasses along your shoreline. This will serve as a natural filter, trapping nutrients from rainwater runoff before they enter the lake. Preserving riparian (shoreline) and upland vegetation also provides habitat for desirable wildlife.

  • Do not feed waterfowl. There are ample natural food sources, such as aquatic plants, seeds, grasses and insects, to sustain waterfowl.

  • Be on guard for invasive aquatic plants. Eurasian milfoil, which has infested many local lakes, is impossible to eradicate and costly to control. Because it is usually carried on boats, trailers and motors, any watercraft that have been used on other freshwater lakes or ponds should be thoroughly washed and inspected before being used on Ashford Lake.

  • Appreciate and respect the biodiversity of the lake. All of the creatures that inhabit the lake contribute to its health in unique ways.

Please report any concerns to the Environmental Conservation and Planning Committee.


Watch for Canada Geese!

Observe pairs closely. Use any non-lethal method available to harass geese in order to discourage them from nesting here.

Please report any suspected or confirmed nesting sites to the Board of Directors immediately.

Email board@alpoa.org or call 860-208-4027