July 4th Boat Parade! Meet in the middle of the lake at 6pm!

Happy Winter, Neighbors

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Seasonal Notes

While the winter season presents a number of challenges here at the lake, it is also a time to enjoy nature and the recreational opportunities that lake living provides. Below is some information to help everyone both endure and enjoy the season safely:

· Keeping drainage swales and culverts clear of debris will help avoid flooding, damage to the roads and unsafe driving conditions. Please do what you can to help.

· Do not throw snow into the road when clearing driveways and parking spaces, and make sure your mailbox is cleared and accessible for the mail carrier.

· With the freezing and thawing weather pattern that we have been experiencing in recent years, ice safety is a major concern. Please go to the Property Owners menu and review the Ice Safety Information in the Community Watch & Safety section.

· Ice Fishing on Ashford Lake is regulated by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. Anyone planning to ice fish on Ashford Lake should be familiar with the DEEP rules and regulations that govern the activity. Please go to Property Owners menu and find ice fishing regulations in the Ashford Lake Environment section.

· Recreational vehicles, snowmobiles and ATV’s are prohibited from use on the frozen surface of Ashford Lake. Please go to the Property Owners menu and find the full Recreational Vehicle Resolution / Policy in the Community Watch & Safety section.

· According to CT DEEP Boating Regulations, a PFD must be worn by anyone in a manually propelled vessel (i.e., canoe or kayak) from October 1 through May 31.

· Have a Happy Winter! Stay warm and stay safe!