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Seasonal Notes

ALPOA residents are requested to keep swales and drainage pipes in the vicinity of their property clear of leaves and debris. The Board thanks all who are fit and able to do so because your assistance reduces the need to hire people to perform such work and saves the association money. Residents are reminded that no leaves or debris should ever be dumped in roadside swales, as doing so will likely result in drainage issues during the winter months.

When removing snow from driveways, please be considerate of where snow is placed so as not to create problems for adjacent property owners. Also, please refrain from plowing, blowing or throwing snow into the road, as doing so makes plowing more difficult for our contractor.

Even with today’s weather forecasting technology, it is often difficult to time weather events or accurately predict accumulation amounts. Rest assured that every effort will be made to keep our roads clear and safe during the upcoming winter season.

Please see Community Watch and Safety under the Property Owners menu for important winter safety information.


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