Ashford Lake Environment

Ice Fishing on Ashford Lake

Although Ashford Lake is a private lake, fishing on the lake is still regulated by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. Anyone planning to ice fish on Ashford Lake should be familiar with the DEP rules and regulations that govern the activity.

Ice fishing requires a valid Connecticut fishing license for all persons over the age of sixteen. Because licenses expire on the last day of the year, ice fishing after January 1 requires a new 2018 license. Ice fishing without a license or without a license in one’s possession carries a fine.

Connecticut ice fishing regulations limit a fisherman to no more than 6 tip-ups, hand held rods or a combination of the two at any one time. Fishermen under sixteen (who require no license) are limited to 2 tip-ups or rods. A tip-up may be fitted with no more than 3 baited hooks or lures. Tip-ups may not be set out and left unattended.

There are also rules regarding the size and numbers of fish that may be taken. For species common to Ashford Lake, largemouth bass and chain pickerel must be 12 inches and 15 inches respectively. The daily creel limit for both is 6. There are no limits for panfish, including yellow perch and black crappies. Violations of bag and size limits or illegal methods of take are subject to fine.

If you are planning to do any ice fishing this winter, please adhere to all DEP rules and regulations. Most of all, place safety first. Make sure that ice thickness is sufficient before going fishing.


Source: Connecticut Angler’s Guide